Saturday, February 3, 2007

Hiroshima Castle, Japan

Hiroshima castle
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If you find yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go, go to Hiroshima Castle. This castle dates back to Japan's Feudal era and houses relics from Japan's past including weapons and Samurai armor.

If you reach the top, there are telescopes you can use to view the city.

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Samurai Col Sanders

Col Sanders
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One of my favorite things about traveling to foreign countries is seeing the interpretations of my native fast food characters. My personal favorite Japanese fast food celebrity import is Col. Sanders who in Japan is known as KEFUSHI NO Samurai Sandazu.


Skyview of Sapporo

Story about Snow Festival
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Keith Yeung.

This is an excellent skyview of Sapporo during the Sapporo Snow Festival. This festivals draws in crowds of over 2 million people who flock to Sapporo to marvel at the beautiful snow blanketed city.

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Tomita Farm, Near Sapporo

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This picture was taken on a farm about 2 hours outside of Sapporo.



Tree in the beautiful Yubari Mountains
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One of the most popular reasons for visiting Sapporo is Yubari, the winter wonderland and spring paradise of Japan. Every year thousands of photographers flock to this region of Japan to take pictures of some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. If you like scenery and a country atmosphere a quick trip to Yubari is for you!

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